Examples of Robís Voice Acting and Narration Rob Groves Voice Artist, Audio Producer & Video Producer Video samples
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The Trudy Lite Show on Amazon Prime and Instant Video This is the opening few minutes of The Trudy Lite Show Part 1, now available on the Amazon platforms. I co-wrote, filmed, edited and produced this feature-length comedy, shot in 4K video in my green screen studio.
Whiteboard Animation: Dr Weiler’s Aesthetic Taste Mouth Spray This whiteboard animation promotes a new product aimed at eliminating sugar cravings.  I scripted, voiced and produced this animation to the client’s brief, using Final Cut Pro X with the Story Pop plug-in.  All images, music and effects either belong to me or are royalty free.
The Trudy Lite Show - Intro Sequence For Part 2 This is the title sequence for The Trudy Lite Show Part 2, currently in production and scheduled to be added to Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video in good time for the Christmas viewing season 2018.
Whiteboard Animation: Productivity Website Promotion I was originally commissioned to script edit, voice the animation and produce the audio for a lovely Romanian client, but I subsequently also redesigned the original video sequence and produced this new version.
Product Promotion Video This is the sister project to the Aesthetic Taste Mouth Spray whiteboard promotion above.  The whiteboard animation was commissioned to target a younger demographic, whereas this version is aimed at a more mature client. This whole extremely cost-effective video is constructed of stock footage and stills, and crafted with the creative use of titles, text overlay, transitions and effects, together with a professional voice track and appropriate background music.