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Hypnotherapy for Relaxation A short extract from one of my hypnotherapy inductions.  NB:  Don’t listen whilst operating heavy machinery or driving!  
UK Mobile Discos Podcasts A series of podcasts for a leading UK mobile discos company.  This example is about creating a perfect wedding playlist.
Sulis Fine Art Online Catalogue An example of audio descriptions for several Fine Art Collections, for Bath’s leading Fine Art gallery.  
Online Training Modules Long term client Excel With Business are a leading provider of online management training.  I have voiced dozens of modules for them.
Monoqool Online Commercial An example of me working with a female audio partner, Eva Gray, to provide a client with a voice track featuring male and female voices.  
British Sign Language Training Voiced a series of lessons and short stories for the lovely Sonia Hollis, a leading BSL tutor.  
Whiteboard Explainer Videos for the HaHaHa2Impossible website Audio accompanying some amazing whiteboard animations of productivity tips and tricks.
Prankdial.com: Recordings of Characters For Prank Phone Calls Created various voices for characters featured by the leading prank phone call app.
I Am A Dominant Maggie Carpenter “I bought the audio book just to hear Rob Groves’ sexy voice tell James's story and yes, I did buy extra panties prior to making my purchase... Problem now is, I'm in love with Rob too!”  
Chained Melodies Debrah Martin The narrator absolutely NAILED the voices. I was so deep in the story and the characters’ voices so recognizable that I forgot I wasn't hearing real people. Genius!”  
The Patchwork People Trilogy D.B. Martin .”..all is enhanced by Rob Groves’ narration. He becomes the embattled barrister, confused and drawn into something he thought left behind: emotional feeling. His voicing of all the other protagonists is also distinctly individual and recognizable, making their identification easy. And his soft English voice is very easy on the ear.”
Ecta: The Divide Karl Perkins & Samantha Harrington “Rob Groves does an engaging narration that reels you in and keeps you there. I love it!”
Some of my recent audiobooks narrated and produced for Audible, Amazon and iTunes, via the ACX platform...