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Pricing a job

On Audiobook Creation Excahnge (ACX) projects, I will consider a 20% Royalty Share for titles that have sold well in hard copy or Kindle form and have received good reviews. Alternatively, and for all non-ACX projects, my rates are: US$5 per finished minute of spoken audio, with a minimum job fee of $100 $50 for including royalty-free background or intro/outro music of any style The fee includes a fully edited audio file, either processed or unprocessed as required. Finished audio will be to broadcast standards, in a file format of your choice.
Additional fees can be agreed in advance, if you would like me to: write your script for you, or copy edit for grammar and tone meet face to face for briefing and preparation record in a studio other than my own provide other voices o I work with other male and female voice artists o Native British, Irish and American voices are available